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Solucions de filtración para tu industria de laminado

Specialised in improving compressed air treatment

From filters for rolling mills to compressed air line filters.

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Every filter you could possibly need to manufacture and laminated materials

Filtración para tratamiento de metales

Companies that perform metal rolling need to keep their hydraulic and lubrication systems in peak condition because, during the process of reducing the thickness of the metal through rotating rollers, the oils are subjected to extreme conditions.

Thanks to our range of top quality brands such as STEP INDUSTRIAL FILTERS, MP FILTRI, HYDAC, ARGO, PALL, INTERNORMEN, RMF, MANN-FILTER, VILEDON, and ALDAIR INDUSTRIAL FILTRATION, and our filtration improvement systems (RMF filters in a kidney loop, mobile filtration units, purifiers, breathers etc.) we are able to offer a comprehensive solution to any hydraulic problem and for any filtration requirement that may emerge during the production process (stripping, degreasing, cutting or surface treatment areas etc.).

In short, our objective is to ensure that you enjoy the efficiency achieved with proper filtration, which results in the correct operation of systems and machinery and, therefore, a reduction in maintenance costs and an increase in productivity and profitability, thanks to the advice from our team of engineers and our extensive stock.

Soluciones para el suministro industrialOur objective is to become your supplier of filtration.

What Filtros Cartés does for your metal rolling industry?

  • -900,000 filters in stock from the leading filtration brands, allowing you to cover most of your needs in the shortest time possible.
  • -Customised stock management to optimise inventories.
  • -Filters and filtration upgrades for hydraulic systems, mobile filtration units, kidney loop filters, purifiers etc.)
  • -Analysis, correction, improvement and monitoring and control of the quality of hydraulic oils and lubricating oils (particle counters, water sensors etc.)
  • -Filtration for cooling systems such as the Step Process Filters range. (SPF)
  • -Filters for industrial ventilation(filter mats, MFCI range manufactured by Aldair).
  • -Filters for compressors and compressed air lines.
  • -Filtration and improvement of dust and fume collection systems manufactured by Aldair (CP range) and Mahle Industry (in its air filtration range).
  • -Special custom filters, for specific needs, through our special production service which makes it possible to develop the specific filter element that is required.

Nuestros ingenieros, especialistas en filtración industrial, realizarán una auditoría de tus sistemas y determinarán los protocolos necesarios para garantizar la mejora y eficiencia de los mismos, mediante una correcta monitorización y selección de filtros.

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Comprehensive Maintenance Programme

Casos de éxito

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Comprehensive Maintenance Programme

Minimize breakdown in critical machines, costs, and optimize systems efficiency and productivity, thanks to a proper functioning of the hydraulic systems.

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