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Soluciones de filtración para tu industria papelera

Filtration for the paper industry

From hydraulic actuation filters to filters for auxiliary machinery.

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Every filter you could possibly need to maintain your paper factory.

Filtración para fabricación de papel

The pulp and paper requires a comprehensive approach for asset protection and process optimisation. The machinery and equipment in operation are highly dependent on adequate monitoring of their fluids and maintaining their desired operating conditions.

The most widely-used machines and equipment in this industry, such as Voith, Pama, Milltech, Rexroth, Vikers, etc., require an outstanding range of products, brands and services, such as: MAHLE, EPE, PALL, STEP INDUSTRIAL FILTERS, HYDAC, INTERNORMEN, MP FILTRI, RMF and ALDAIR INDUSTRIAL FILTRATION.

A highly filtration quality can only be guaranteed by leading brands, stock thereof, customized service before and after serving filters and continuous consulting service on improving the efficiency of the systems. So we invite you to ask us any questions or discuss any problems you might have regarding filtration.

We will assist you by jointly developing a programme that best suits your needs, planning your supplies, to maintain safety stock, with the added guarantee of the stock in our warehouses which will enable you to reduce your costs for premises.

Our objective is to help you to achieve high performance in production and to reduce energy costs and minimise production loss costs.

Soluciones para el suministro industrialOur objective is to become your supplier of filtration.

What Filtros Cartés does for your paper industry?

  • -Filters for the hydraulic power units of injection moulding machines, manufactured by HYDAC, MP FILTRI and STEP INDUSTRIAL FILTERS.
  • -Analysis, correction and improvement, monitoring and control of the quality of hydraulic oils and lubricating oils through the Comprehensive Maintenance Programme which gives you real-time information about the level of dirt, water content, condition of the oil and the dielectric constant.
  • -Systems that take care of stationary and moving fluids for filtration, water drainage (purifiers), the removal of gas and preparation of service fluids, achieving a reduction in the initial damage caused during filling, greater protection of the components through offline mobile filtration, such as the OLU range manufactured, by RMF and stationary filtration, longer service life of the components due to the continuous drainage of water, and longer intervals between oil changes thanks to reduced oil ageing.
  • -Breather filters with desiccant material for the air inlet to the hydraulic tank, such as the KL model by RMF, especially critical in humid areas.
  • -Process filters for the preparation of fresh water, hot water, condensate water, sprinkler water, humidifier water, cooling water, extinguishing water and paint manufactured by Cuno, Pentair and Step Process Filtration.
  • -Dust collection for the paper cutting process, such as Aldair's CP range and cartridges manufactured by Mahle Industry.
  • -Filters for compressors and compressed air lines.
  • -HVAC filters for production plants (filter mats, bag filters etc.) manufactured by Aldair Industrial Filtration, Viledon and Vokes.
  • -Special custom filters, for specific needs, through our special production service which makes it possible to develop the specific filter element that is required.

Our engineers perform an in-depth study of our customers' activities, processes and requirements and gives them advice on how to optimise them, reduce energy and maintenance costs, avoid unnecessary downtime and minimise faults.

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Comprehensive Maintenance Programme

Casos de éxito

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Comprehensive Maintenance Programme

Minimize breakdown in critical machines, costs, and optimize systems efficiency and productivity, thanks to a proper functioning of the hydraulic systems.

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