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Solucions de filtración en hospitales

High quality for critical environments

HVAC filters, sterile filters and ventilation filters, filters for water and cooling.

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Every filter you could possibly need to give the maintenance of hospitals and health centers

Filtration for hospitals

Filtration plays a key role in ensuring the correct operation of equipment in most industries, but it takes on special importance in hospitals and healthcare facilities. EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters ensure compliance with the most stringent hygiene regulations and people are protected from contamination in operating theatres and isolation rooms.

The utmost reliability is required of these filters and at FILTROS CARTÉS we supply filters of the highest quality by brands such as VILEDON, VOKES, STEP PROCESS FILTRATION and ALDAIR INDUSTRIAL FILTRATION. It is essential to eliminate any form of contaminant that may be present in the air, whether it be dust, pollen, fungal spores, viruses or bacteria.

Furthermore, our use of the latest technology in filter media results in fewer pressure drops in the equipment, thus reducing energy consumption to a minimum. Finally, in addition to air filtration, filters are also essential for generator sets, compressors and compressed air systems, as are water and process filters.

EPA/HEPA and ULPA filters undergo the most advanced particle count tests and are classed according to their arrestance efficiency and leak tightness, in accordance with standard EN 1822:2009. These absolute filters are supplied with their certificates, as they are tested individually to ensure their quality.

The pre-filters, bag filters and compact filters that protect the above filters are also especially important and make it possible to increase the durability of the absolute filters and ensure that they have an adequate useful life.

Solutions for hospitalsOur objective: Becoming your provider filtration.

What Filtros Cartés does for your hospital or healthcare facilities?

  • -Wide range of filter mats (in rolls or cut), pre-filters with cardboard and metal frames and for pre-filtration.
  • -Custom-made stock of bag filters and compact filters, for fine filtration.
  • -Large variety of HEPA, EPA and ULPA filters, with numerous options.
  • -Filters for water treatment.
  • -Filters for compressed air lines (housings and filter elements).
  • -Air filters, oil and fuel for generators.
  • -Our logistics service guarantees delivery in less than 24 hours for 98% of all orders.

Our engineers perform an in-depth study of our customers' activities, processes and requirements and gives them advice on how to optimise them, reduce energy and maintenance costs, avoid unnecessary downtime and minimise faults.

Great filters solutions for your activity sector

Air treatment

Success stories

Aldair Industrial Filtration: focusing on air

We keep on innovating with Aldair Industrial Filtration, in order to offer interesting options in ari filtration, from prefiltration to absolute filters, dust collection, or compressors and compressed air systems.

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