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Global specialist in dust collectors

Optimises the collection of impurities

Specialists in dust, oil mist and fume collector filters for highly demanding production processes.

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Solutions for the most demanding work environments

Full range of collectors, industry-leading brands and a specialised service in offering you the best solution.

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Controls the sources of emission of dust and particles in your facility

During certain production processes, unintentional environmental pollution occurs, producing dirt in the facility and creating health problems for the people who are there. The suction and collection of contaminants in these emission sources is necessary to prevent damage to the production process and the environment and harm to health.

Some of the main industries where dust collection is part of the production process are slate extraction and processing, powder paint, timber, cement manufacturers, shot blasting, sandblasting, quarries, laser cutting, chemical producers, mining etc. Generally, not only dust is collected (solid particles from various sources), but also oil mist and welding fumes.

At Filtros Cartés, we provide the necessary advice to ensure that your collection systems are the right size and we supply cartridges made from different materials, depending on your specific filtration requirement: cellulose, polypropylene, polyester, antistatic polyester, PTFE-coated* polyester (oil and water repellent), Teflon® and Nomex® etc., and various kinds, such as DIN, with 3 and 4 connections, panel, “pleated bag”, with cylindrical or tapered threads. In addition to the full range of filter cartridges, we provide filter mats and accessories such as pressure pots, moving arms, particle detection systems, among others.

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Air treatment

Air treatment

Aldair Industrial Filtration: focusing on air.

We keep on innovating with Aldair Industrial Filtration, in order to offer interesting options in ari filtration, from prefiltration to absolute filters, dust collection, or compressors and compressed air systems.

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